Phone Consultation

Ensuring skills generalization in your natural environment

As part of learning how to apply your DBT skills, you will have access to your individual therapist in-between your scheduled individual therapy sessions.  The function of calling your individual therapist in-between sessions is to help you generalize your DBT skills in your natural environment and in time of crisis.  Instead of resorting to old maladaptive ways of dealing with your crisis (which in turn makes your crisis worse than it already is), you can call for a brief 10-15 minute skills coaching session.  Your therapist will help you identify the problem, generate a list of skills to try and use and help with developing a plan on how to best use them.  Phone consultation can also be used in-between sessions to repair the therapeutic relationship if it is torn.  Because DBT believes that the relationship between you and your therapist is a real and genuine relationship, you have the freedom to call to repair it (instead of waiting till the next session to do so).  Phone consultation is not designed to act as a therapy session however.  If your therapist believes phone consultation is starting to act more as an individual session, he/she will communicate their limits with you and help you with staying within the limits of phone consultation.